Saturday, May 12, 2012

Filming in Luxor

Here are some pictures taken during the recent film shoot in Luxor. This feature film documentary on the Exodus will be released next year (2013) by the Mahoney Media Group throughout the United States before being re-edited as a television series for international broadcast.

Dawn at the chapel of Senuseret I in Karnak.

Director Tim Mahoney lining up a shot in the temple of Medinet Habu.

Interview with Professor Kent Weeks in the Ramesseum.

Examining the name 'Israel' on the Merenptah Stela (copy) in the king's mortuary temple on the west bank at Thebes.

Kent Weeks, David Rohl and Tim Mahoney.

Walking the hypostyle hall at Karnak.

Akhenaten in the Luxor Museum.

Director Tim Mahoney and David Rohl in discussion.

Executive Producer David Wessner, David Rohl and Director Tim Mahoney.

Cameraman Ramy Romany sets up a follow shot in the hypostyle hall at Karnak.

The feet of Ahmose II in Luxor Museum.

Filming the Sea Peoples reliefs at Medinet Habu.

Chief Inspector Salah Elmasekh revealing Greek storage jars at his excavations in front of Karnak temple.

Tim Mahoney filming in Medinet Habu.

Senuseret III in the Luxor Museum.

Production meeting in the recently excavated Greco-Roman baths at Karnak.

Filming at Medinet Habu beside the Sea Peoples reliefs.

Examining the 'Israel blocks' at Karnak.

Mr Grumpy (Amenemhat III) in the Luxor Museum.

Waiting for action in the hypostyle hall at Karnak.

Kent Weeks, Ramy Romany and Tim Mahoney in the Ramesseum.

The team.


  1. Great photos! Wish I had known you were here, could have come and watched lol

  2. Looks like it will be very attractive visually. Loved those Greek storage jars from in front of Karnak.

  3. mmmm i guess this shooting wasn't for the Mandalaband ;-)
    It will be interesting i guess, as always.
    Nick from the lovely South of the Netherlands.

  4. Dr Rohl! This is amazing! I read your 'A Test of Time' a second time after a gap of ten years. The evidence is mind-blowing. If I may say: May the Great I AM bless you mightily! Ajay

  5. Hi

    What happened to the movie exodus conspiracy or the exodus movie. Cant find it anywhere?

    Do you know when it will be released?

    Best regards


    1. Kam, it has been completely re-shot and re-titled 'Patterns of Evidence - The Exodus' and will be released this year (2014).

  6. Watched the documentary and your theory is great but I was wondering, years ago I saw a documentary which told how the plagues could be tied to side effects of a super eruption of a volcano in the Mediterranean. I can't remember it in entirety especially the dating sorry, but my question is does your revised chronological timeline and this theory support or antagonise each other?